• Annual Report



    The " People of Humanitarian Day " are people who care. They are people who seek unity through diversity. They believe that faith matters and despite the challenges know we have more to be thankful for. We have learned after 20 years of experience how to service the community under various conditions. Today, Los Angeles County's homeless population has risen 23% over last year. The factors leading to the rise are many, yet our commitment to see things improve is stronger than ever. Umar Hakim, Executive Director of ILM Foundation, said it best, " We are Angelenos, we are Americans, we are Muslims and we are goodwill ambassadors living the values of our Islamic faith through service to those in need".


    ILM volunteers trained 10 years ago, now direct their own non profit organizations. Ex-gang members who received Humanitarian Day (HD) leadership training, coordinated their own Thanks Giving community event in 2017. The value of our interfaith coalition building has countered many instances of self interest, violence and hatred to preserve our common wealth.


    Your contributions are providing those in need HDAY:

    • Housing and Health support 
    • Direct services
    • Advocacy Engagement
    • Youth Leadership.
    ILM delivers HDAY through three core programs: 1) Humanitarian Day, 2) Go Beyond the Game and 3) Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity. HDAY's impact is measured by the following outcomes:
    • Academic achievement
    • Service Learning Training 
    • Coalition development
    • Homeless Prevention 
    • Health  Awareness 
    • Advocacy Wins 
    • Cost Savings 
    • Job creation
    Our annual report shows how your investment is affecting lives. On behalf of the Board of Directors, founders, and management thank you. We hope we have proven to be a good social investment and deserving of your continued support. We are the " People of Humanitarian Day" and excited about discovering new strategies to serve the community.





    ILM provided 16 persons rental support in 2017 according to our annual financial report. Rent support is a form of homeless prevention. In a report published by Apartment list, Los Angeles is the sixth most unaffordable rental market in the nation. The average cost of an one bedroom apartment is $1,350. Our vision is to manage affordable housing projects for mid and low-income working families.


    Humanitarian Day is the largest running direct service program in the America during Ramadan. Since its founding in 2000, it has served over 80,000 persons, featured in over 27 states and has become a platform for inter-faith exchange through civic engagement.


    ILM organized a Safe Communities Initiative Network (SCIN) meeting with Los Angeles Police Department regarding the current state of community policing in South Los Angeles. ILM partnered with the Institute of Non Violence Los Angeles through “Days of Dialogue,” . ILM held 3 workshops and trained over 20 leaders in sharing a social responsibility, for LA.


    Gratitude - Attitude - Motivation - Education have been repeated by about 100 youth annually for the past 19 years. GAME are values used by ILM to preserve the character of young men and give them direction for a productive life. ILM thanks our institutional partners: Dorsey Football Foundation, Hearts of Mercy and UMMA Community Clinic.

  • Humanitarian Day

    Humanitarian Day (HD) encourages volunteers, leaders, and organizations to provide neighborly needs with dignity, love and respect. This full scale event provides meals from Wendy's, new clothing, hygiene kits, school kits, blankets, toys, health, dental and eye screenings. Other benefits include leadership training, security preparedness, volunteer engagement, inter-faith collaboration, survey data collection, post event reporting and reflection. All the above is a proven blue print for community engagement. Below are more details about the programs outputs and impacts. For more information visit http://www.humanitarianday.com/

    Total Served 3,722

    OUTPUTS: HD Gift Bags

    • 2,187  HD Monthly 
    • 1,025  Los Angeles 
    • 450    Santa Ana       
    • 300    Pasadena      
    • 300    Riverside  

    Re-Circulation of Wealth

    IMPACT: Job Creation - Cost Savings

    H-Day raised $47,974 in-kind donations and re-distributed it to those less fortunate in Southern California. ILM also received restricted Zakat donations of $49,249 that were distributed to local Muslims who met the criteria.

    HD Monthly Program

    IMPACTS: Service Learning Training - Coalition Development

    HD Monthy is the annual component of Humanitarian Day. It helps us fulfill our mission of " Converting one Day into a Life Mission". Every month ILM coordinates service learning projects so young people can learn the art of service and leadership. Participants include:

    • USC's Ansars Service Partnership
    • Islah Academy Youth Group
    • Temple Israel of Hollywood Youth Group
    • Orange County's High School Muslim Student Union

    HD Jesse Owens Park

    IMPACT: Service Learning Training - Coalition Development

    ILM coordinated HD Jesse Owens Park in 2015 and 2016. Each year local members of the community received service learning and on-site event training. In 2017, inspired by HD, the trained community members hosted their first annual Thanks Giving Jesse Owens Park event. In 2018, ILM will continue our social engagement coaching and co-sponsorship.

    People Helping People

    IMPACTS: Service Learning Training - Coalition Development

    For nearly 2 decades HD has attracted nearly 9,000 volunteers. HD Monthly program core group is about 25 members. Ten of those volunteers have served for 20 years. Dr. Yusuf ( featured in the photo on the left) is one of those members.

    Health Services

    IMPACT: Health Awareness - Coalition Development

    ILM and UMMA Community Clinic have partnered providing free health screening services since 2001. The screenings include hypertension, hepatitis, diabetes, BMI assessment and treatment of any small abrasions. Alta med provides HIV testing and education. In 2017, there were approximately 319 screenings conducted. Over the past 18 years ILM has provided nearly 5,000 free screenings.

    Media Outreach - Video Productions

    IMPACT: Volunteer Encouragement & Awareness

    Humanitarian Day was featured on Voice of America - VOA, on KCAL 9 / CBS News and on KTLA 5 News. The increase in media coverage is the result of a well designed social medial campaign. ILM also produces about three video productions each year.

    Orphan Sponsorship

    IMPACT: Academic Achievement

    HD International Ghana is sponsors orphans and students in Accra, Ghana. Recent report card assessments showed that 85% of the orphans and students grades and behavior are above average. The goal is to continue sponsorship until the orphans complete high school.

    Water Well Development

    IMPACT: Cost Savings and Negative Health Prevention

    HDay International Ghana completed the construction of a water well in the central region of Ghana, on August 17, 2017. The community prior used to get water from an unhealthy lake causing sickness. Now fresh water is pumped daily the well ILM built. The location is near a main highway allowing travelers to receive a clean source of water during long trips.

  • Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity

    The Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD) is a network of faith based institutions that assist ILM coordinate humanitarian projects and advocacy engagement work in Los Angeles.

    Days of Dialogue: LA Social Responsibility

    IMPACT: Advocacy Training and Coalition Development  

    ILM organized with LAPDs chiefs, captains, and commanders to meet with Muslim - Christian community leaders to discuss our current and future state of community policing-accountability in South Los Angeles, through a program called Days of Dialogue with the Institute of Non Violence Los Angeles. Special thanks to CPHD and other key organizations: Masjid Bilal, Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah, Masjid Ibaadillah, USC Center of Religion Civic Culture,  Mayor's Office, LAPD Counter Terrorism Task Force.NewGround, MPAC, LAPD and its Community Relations Division, LA Voice, Institute Non Violence Los Angeles, Safe Communities Initiative ~ SLA Network, Holman and Loveland Church.

    TZU Chi USA Joins H-DAY

    IMPACT: Coalition Development

    CPHD network expanded with the in-kind donation from International Relief organization TZU Chi Foundation. The organization donated emergency necessities to over 1,000 homeless. The mission of the organization is to relieve the suffering of those in need, and create a better world for all.

    Faiths Unite through Service

    Impact: Coalition Development

    The ILM Foundation joined the Temple Israel Hollywood and Hollywood United Methodist Church for a charity dinner, on Xmas Day. #Feed1000 on December 25th.


    GBG is a sports and mentoring program designed to assist inner city student athletes to effectively prepare for college and life beyond sports. GBG teaches participants to employ self-respect and moral fiber both on and off the sports playing field. Key sponsors include: UMMA Clinic, Dorsey Football Foundation, Hearts of Mercy and Az Hakim Foundation

    College Preparation and Career Planning

    IMPACT: Academic Achievement - Critical Thinking

    ILM Foundation partnership with Dorsey Football Foundation (DFF) gives G.A.M.E the capacity to interact with campers and coach mentors year-round. Coach Irving, President of DFF, said, " There is no career planning or academic enrichment programs anymore for students at Dorsey. G.A.M.E is filling that void for our kids".

    Gratitude and Education First

    Impact: Service Learning and Health Support

    Since 2001, G.A.M.E. prides itself on enlightening student athletes on ways to excel both academically and athletically. Ex-professional and Division 1 college athletes host workshops on understanding what it takes to be exceptional. They are taught the do's and don't at on the field, school and in the streets. As of 2016, G.A.M.E had over 100 alumni student athletes that finished college. Over 50 free sport examinations were provides in 2017.

    Go Hard or Go Home

    IMPACT: Service Learning and Skill Development

    Balance is key. G.A.M.E. trainers are ex-athletes that teach a variety of athletic techniques for campers to become more athletic. Over the years we have witnessed how the combination of leadership and athletic confidence translates into better grades and behavior.  

  • Financial Accountability

    Transparency of funds is a core value of ILM Foundation.

  • PLANS FOR 2018

    20 Years of Humanitarian Development Services


    Board of Directors

    Great institutions are guided by sound qualified leadership

    Board Members:

    • Imam Saadiq Saafir, Founder of ILM Foundation
    • Rodricks Blair,  CEO RD Blair & Associates 
    • Naim Shah Jr. CPA, Co-Founder ILM Foundation
    • Lyla El-Safy,  Wells Fargo Executive 
    • Hanfi Shakur, Co- Founder ILM Foundation
    • Omar Ricci, President Islamic Center Los Angeles 
    • Asif Kazi, Executive Real Estate Project Director


    Executive Director, Umar Hakim

    Plans 2018

    Strategic Planning and Capacity Building

    • Board and staff  capacity development
    • Enhance ILM online presence and tech capability 
    • Assess new innovative delivery models for HD
    • Develop new marketing / branding strategy 
    • Update ILM Strategic Plan to 2023
    • Expand GAME services at Dorsey High School
    • Create a strategy for an affordable housing project 
    • Create more ways for volunteer and donors to connect with ILM